I received a BFA in photography from University of North Texas in 2016, and am currently pursuing a MFA from University of Georgia. I’ve had my work exhibited nationally, published both digitally and physically, and have won an award from the Dallas Museum of Art.

My work examines psychological, philosophical, and sociological topics regarding the impact of digital networks on the individual. Particularly, I’m interested in how combinations of economics and everyday digital mediation contribute to desire and anxiety simultaneously. I’m curious how the tangled mess of contemporary information creates more than the sum of its parts, and with technology becoming further intertwined with our human livelihood, it is necessary to question the purpose that these functions serve beyond their sales pitch. Services designed to provide for it’s users are doing so while concealing the underlying emotional distress they cause. How can anyone truly keep up with a network whose infrastructure is designed to be evasive? I hope to raise questions that have yet to be answered regarding digital care and empathy.